21 Aug 2014
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What Does Skokie's Fox Say? Not Much, But It Gets Around

The fox is mum, but everyone is talking about him. And the coyote. It's a wild life around here.

What Does Skokie's Fox Say? Not Much, But It Gets Around What Does Skokie's Fox Say? Not Much, But It Gets Around

Have you seen the red fox who hangs around Lorel Park in Skokie, or the coyote in Lincolnwood?

After Facebook user Sharon Serences Newman posted a photo of the fox on Skokie Patch's Facebook page, other readers chimed in, with reactions ranging from "scary" to "beautiful." Newman said she has seen him almost every day for months on Cleveland Avenue.

"He was (or at least one was) at our garbage cans this morning," wrote Julianne Epperson Alvizu.

Rose Doylakos said she saw a fox on Brummel and Karlov, and her brother saw one on Oakton and Harvard Terrace, Skokie.

Michael Gershbein said he saw one in the U.S. Toy parking lot. The toy store is on Lincoln Avenue near Main Street, in Skokie a little east of Morton Grove.

"There use to be 4," wrote Linda Bobiles. "They really do not bother people. They eat rodents and in the summer raid the trash cans in the parks. They have been here almost a year."

"He followed us to the park one night over the summer. He actually played with our tennis ball...." Mary Peterson Neumayer wrote.

Elizabeth Ruderman posted the photo of a coyote, spotted in the 6400 block of Kilpatrick in Lincolnwood.

A Dec. 9 Time Magazine cover story examined the growing phenomenon of many species of wildlife living in closer proximity to humans than anytime in the past century. 

On a lighter note, the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis recorded the song "What Does the Fox Say?" which went viral on YouTube with more than 200 million views. It was meant to be a spoof, with the two brother-comedians trying to make "the stupidest video they could think of," according to mirror.co.uk--but maybe Skokie's fox can help answer the question. 

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