Jul 26, 2014
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Apple Could Owe Northbrook Parents Money

In a recent class-action lawsuit, parents say they were charged after their kids downloaded free games.

Apple Could Owe Northbrook Parents Money


Apple has settled a class-action lawsuit filed by parents who say their kids racked up bills after downloading seemingly free games in the App store, CNN reports. 

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Parents say the kids downloaded the games for free, but were charged for extras while playing the games, CNN reports. Under the settlement, which is expected to be approved Friday, Apple will offer parents a $5 iTunes gift card if they claim their child was charged for these extras without their knowledge. If a parent can show their bill was more than $5, Apple will offer a more substantial credit. 

According to Law360.com, iTunes account holders who have made a "Game Currency" purchase will be notified by email about the settlement. 

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