Jul 26, 2014

OFHS Homecoming Makes for 'Super' Week

It's homecoming week at Oak Forest High School and all four classes took to the halls to show their school spirit. Each class decorated a hall in a superhero theme to kick off the week and rally school spirit.

Homecoming week is upon Oak Forest High School and to say it's been anything less than super, would be an understatement. On Tuesday night at the school, students from every grade level took to the halls after school and began a marathon decorating session in preparations for the rest of the week.

When students wrapped up decorating at 10 p.m., the halls were transformed from the typical school fliers and team notifications into Marvel and D.C. murals featuring Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and Captain America.

Each class was designated a hero, with the seniors nabbing Batman, the juniors snagging Spider-Man, sophomores netting Superman and the freshmen with Captain America.

Check out the gallery for a glimpse at the students' work in all four hallways and tell us which one's most impressive in the Comments.

Photo Gallery

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