21 Aug 2014
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Eat, Drink, Play & Fight—2 Men Tangle at Orland Park Dave & Buster's: Cops

One man knocked the drink out of another man's hands and then spit in his face before they fought, police said.

Eat, Drink, Play & Fight—2 Men Tangle at Orland Park Dave & Buster's: Cops Eat, Drink, Play & Fight—2 Men Tangle at Orland Park Dave & Buster's: Cops
Instead of settling things like gentlemen over a game of air hockey or pop-a-shot, two men slugged it out at the Orland Park Dave & Buster's after one bumped into the other, police said.

One of the men, Daniel Gallacher, 29, of 9832 Mansfield Drive in Oak Lawn, reportedly explained to police that he "accidentally bumped into" the other man, 28-year-old James Akines of 5617 S. Winchester Ave. in Chicago.

Gallacher told the cops "James started yelling at him and the two became involved in a heated verbal exchange," a police report said.

"James then slapped Daniel's drink out of his hands and spit in his face," police said. "Daniel stated he was defending himself so he swung his fist at James' face."

Gallacher and Akines were "involved in a physical fight for a very short time where the two exchanged punches before being pulled apart by security guards," police said. An officer reportedly "observed cuts on Daniel's chin and right cheek" but found no injuries on Akines.

Gallacher refused medical attention but "wished to sign criminal complaints against James for the initial battery," police said.

"While Daniel was explaining his version of events to (an officer) he continually looked over at James who was standing (with another officer) across the room," police said. "Daniel was swearing and yelling at James, stating he wanted to 'take this outside.' At one point Daniel attempted to run toward James and had to be restrained" by three officers.

Akines explained to an officer that Gallacher "elbowed him" as he walked past and told how "he believes (Gallacher) did this on purpose so he confronted him," police said.

"While the two were yelling at each other James stated he believed Daniel was going to throw his drink at him so he knocked it out of his hand," police said. "James stated Daniel threw a punch at him and the two began physically fighting."

Akines also reportedly told how he only spit in Gallacher's face after the other man took a poke at him.

A Dave & Buster's employee reportedly told police he saw Gallacher bump into Akines and it "appeared to be 'completely accidental.'" Akines then yelled at Gallacher, slapped his drink down and spit in his face, the employee reportedly told police.

The employee also told an officer "it did not appear that Daniel was going to throw his drink at James before it was slapped out of his hand," police said.

Akines was charged with battery and Gallacher was charged with disorderly conduct.

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