Jul 28, 2014

Five Festive Libations from the Mothers of Oak Lawn

Inspired cocktail recipes from the Oak Lawn Library's collection of community cook books from yesteryear.

Five Festive Libations from the Mothers of Oak Lawn

Planning a New Year’s Eve house party? Patch dipped into the Oak Lawn Library's collection of historic community cook books for some classic cocktail recipes from the 1970s and 1980s.

Given some of the ingredients (a half-gallon of vodka, a fifth of bourbon, 12 oz. of gin) it's evident that our Oak Lawn moms of yesteryear probably could have drank Don Draper under the table.

With names like "Socko Delight," and "Frozen Bomb," your friends are sure to be talking about your party through next New Year's Eve. So get out the old Metallica albums and party like it's 2013!

Here's to you Dolores Trezise, Judy Skalitzky, Claire Zielinski, Mary Rose Banahan, Faye Sparks and Mrs. Stella Hlis. Cheers and happy New Year from Oak Lawn Patch. 

Bourbon Slush

2 tea bags 1 (6 oz.) frozen orange

1 c. boiling water juice

1 c. sugar 1 c. bourbon

1 (6 oz.) frozen lemonade 3 1/2 c. water

Steep tea bags in boiling· water. Mix all ingredients thoroughly (can be put in in blender.) Can be frozen in plastic glasses or a large container. Freeze. Make at least 24 hours ahead. Can be doubled or tripled. Can be put in punch bowl and pour 7-Up over all.

Dolores Trezise

"Happiness is Homemade," Pilgrim Faith United Church of Christ (1988)

Whiskey Sour Punch

1 (12 oz.)  can frozen orange juice

1 (6 oz.)  can frozen lemonade

1 fifith bourbon

2 (28 oz.) bottles 7-Up

1 (28 oz.) bottle club soda

Orange slices


Mix frozen juices, 7-Up and club soda. Add bourbon before serving. Cherries and oranges may be put into a ring mold with water and frozen. Use to keep the punch cool.

Judy Skalitzky

"Kookin' Kapers," Mothers Club of St. Gerald's (1976)

Frozen Bombs

1 (6 oz.) can of frozen lemonade

12 oz. of gin

18 oz. of water

1T of frozen orange concentrate

Mix, stand in freezer until needed—froth up in blender. Serve in whiskey sour glasses and garnish with cherries or mint leaves.

Claire Zielinski

St. Linus Church Cookbook (1971)

Cranberry Punch

2 bottles ginger ale

1/3 of half-gallon vodka

1 large cranberry cocktail

Mix; float lime slices. Put all ingredients in a large punch bowl.

Mary Rose Banahan

"Catherine’s Cooking," St. Catherine of Alexandria Church (1978)

Socko Delight

½ qt. orange sherbet

¾ bottle of ginger ale (large)

14 jiggers of gin

Beat sherbet until creamy; add gin alternately with ginger ale. Beat until foamy. Serve in punch or cocktail glasses. Will serve about 25 persons.

Mrs. Stella Hlis

"Our Kouzina." St. Nicholas Orthodox Church (1976)

Don’t forget the food ...

Boozy Dogs

5 pkgs. small hot dogs

1 tsp. grated onion (or dry minced)

1 ½ c. ketchup

1 ½ c. brown sugar

¾ c. bourbon

Combine all ingredients in saucepan. Simmer in morning 1 to 2 hours. Heat at neat and serve in chafing dish.

Faye Sparks

"Happiness is Homemade," Pilgrim Faith United Church of Christ (1988)

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