Jul 28, 2014

Woman Beaten, Raped, Cast Outside Pantless

Woman was lured to Oak Lawn home where she was beaten and sexually assaulted by two men, police say.

Woman Beaten, Raped, Cast Outside Pantless

A 46-year-old woman was lured to an Oak Lawn home under false pretenses where she was beaten by two men, sexually assaulted and then cast outside wearing just her shirt, reports said.

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The Orland Park Police Department notified Oak Lawn police that a sexual assault victim was being taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center around 12:15 p.m. Oct. 1. She was met by Oak Lawn police officers who described the woman as “visibly shaken and nearly in tears.”

According to the report, the woman belonged to an unspecified support group. On Sept. 20, the woman told police that she received a call from a woman named “Mary,” with an issue similar to hers.

“Mary” asked the woman if the two could get together to talk. Both women agreed to meet at a restaurant at 107th Street and Pulaski Road around 10 a.m. Monday. The woman arrived in Oak Lawn at the scheduled time, and realized there was no restaurant at the corner.

Police said the woman pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store on the 10600 block of Pulaski.

After waiting there briefly, a four-door, tan car pulled next to hers in the parking lot. Without getting out of the car, the male driver asked if she was looking for Mary. The woman said that she was, and the driver told her that Mary wasn’t feeling well, and asked if she could follow him to their house.

Police said the woman followed the man westbound on 107th Street across Pulaski. After Pulaski, the report said the cars “drove down a couple of blocks” and made a left turn, going southbound down an unknown street. After a series of right and left turns, she realized she was turned around, the report said.

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The tan car finally pulled into a driveway and the woman parked her car in the street. The driver got out of his car as the woman walked up the driveway. They both entered the house together.

The driver was described as a male white, five-feet-eleven-inches, with a husky build, gray-haired and clean-shaven. He was wearing blue jeans and a light blue, fleece pullover.

Police said the house they drove up to was a ranch-style home, with dark brown brick and dark windows. It had a single driveway and detached garage. The driveway is on the left side of the house. She and the driver ascended one or two steps to enter through the side door from the driveway.

The man asked the woman to wait in the kitchen while he went to another area of the house. He came back and told the woman that Mary was in her bedroom and asked if she would go talk to her.

Police said the woman followed the man to the bedroom. When she entered the room there was a second man waiting. The first man pushed her face down on the bed. After being pushed down, the second male was leaning on her back, holding her hands. The driver slipped off her pants and her shoes fell off too, reports said. He began slapping her buttocks with what she believed to be a belt. When she started screaming, the second man clasped his hand over her mouth.

She began kicking and the first man would hit the bottoms of her feet with the object. Both men switched places and the second man hit her with a harder object.

While the second man was beating her, both men pushed the woman to her knees on the floor. Police said they forced her to perform oral sex.

The second man was described as a male white Latino in his thirties, clean-shaven with black hair and hairy hands. He was wearing blue jeans with an unbuttoned green and black flannel shirt, and a white T-shirt underneath.

Police said the woman was forced back on to the bed on her back. Both men had intercourse with her. When the act was over, the men forced her out of the house the same way she came in.

She exited the house in her shirt. The men threw her pants out after her and she put them on in the driveway.

Police said the woman made it back to her car and she managed to find her way to 107th Street and Pulaski. She phoned a friend on her way home, who advised her to call police. The woman responded that she just wanted to go home and ended the conversation.

She received another unspecified phone call from someone else who told her that she couldn’t go home because it would upset her mother. According to the report, the woman decided to drive to the Orland Park Police Department, who contacted Oak Lawn police that the woman was being taken by their fire department to Christ Hospital.

After the woman received medical treatment, Oak Lawn police detectives drove up and down streets in the area. Police said she could not point out the house nor remember where it was.

Parts of this police report from were redacted by police to protect the victim’s identity. Please call the Oak Lawn Police if you have any information about this house, the car or the two men at 708 422-8292.

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