Jul 28, 2014

Oak Park Author, Mom Chat on 'The Talk'

Iris Krasnow and Marian Garrigan appear on national TV to promote Krasnow's new book.

Oak Park Author, Mom Chat on 'The Talk'

A pair of Oak Park natives made a cameo on a national television talk show last week.

Author Iris Krasnow and Marian Garrigan appeared on the CBS show The Talk to promote Krasnow's new book, The Secret Lives of Wives. According to her bio on The Huffington Post, Krasnow is a Stanford University graduate, former newspaper fashion and feature writer, and author of several books.

Her latest "pulls back the curtain and reveals uncensored strategies and confessions of women who have managed to stay married for the long haul," according to the book's  promo page.

In the clip, Krasnow says she interviewed Garrigan, a longtime Oak Parker (and ), at length about the merits of sticking together, especially when tragedy strikes.

Garrigan's daughter, Kathy, died tragically in 2007 while on a volunteer service trip in Alaska.

"Statistically," Krasnow said, "many couples could not withstand this horrific loss of a child and what they had was such a strong foundation."

Garrigan explains that she met her husband Tom during the first week of high school and were friends for a long time before getting married.

"We had a good basis for our relationship," she says. "We both wanted family...we had it. And when the tragedy happened, he was a real catalyst...he kept people together and prevented people from fighting."

For Garrigan, the two-night trip to Los Angeles was a "great experience," one that included tours of the CBS and Universal Studios lots as well as a chance to meet the cast of NBC's prime-time comedy Community.

As for the Garrigan marriage, Krasnow said this: "I spent hours and hours interviewing Marian. [Her and Tom] have a sexy friendship."

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