Jul 29, 2014
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Justice Man With ID Badge Hanging Around Neck Lies to Cop About Name: Police

The officer was not fooled by the Justice man's ploy.

Justice Man With ID Badge Hanging Around Neck Lies to Cop About Name: Police
If you're going to lie to the police about your name you should probably make sure you're not wearing your identification badge on your chest.

A Justice man trying to put one over on the cops was foiled in that very way when he apparently forgot about the work ID hanging from his neck, police said.

Marsean Russell, 33, of 8639 S. 87th Ave. was pulled over in Orland Park for talking on his cell phone while driving and for having an obstructed windshield, police said.

Russell produced an expired insurance card but said he did not have a license on him because he was driving on a ticket he could not seem to find, according to police.

In fact, police said, Russell claimed to be carrying no identification at all and insisted his name was actually Jamal.

Russell's ruse unraveled when the officer spotted the telltale identification badge dangling from his neck, police said.

"I observed the driver had a work identification tag hanging from his neck and asked him if it had his name on it," the officer said, according to a police report.

"He advised it did not," police said. "I told the driver to hand it to me and he complied. His hand was shaking while handing the ID to me. The ID had the name Marsean Russell on it. When asked about the name Marsean, the driver advised that Marsean was his brother."

The officer reportedly told Russell he was onto him "and he apologized."

"Marsean advised that he lied because his license was suspended for DUI," police said.

Russell's 2005 Sunfire was towed away and he was charged with driving on a suspended license, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, driving with an obstructed view and operating a motor vehicle while talking on a cell phone.

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