Jul 29, 2014
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Oswego East Students, Teachers to Present at State Conference

Faculty and students will be part of the Feb. 27 Illinois Computing Educators Conference.

Oswego East Students, Teachers to Present at State Conference
Submitted by Oswego School District 308:

On Feb. 27, three Oswego East Teachers—Danielle Lee, Erik Aister, and Stephanie Allen—will give presentations with four of their students at the Illinois Computing Educators Conference in St. Charles.

Danielle Lee, an Oswego East math teacher, and her students will present "Teaching and Learning in a Flipped Classroom," which summarizes the results of using the platform Sophia.org to house instructional videos and support materials for her students. The idea came from a need to free up classroom time for in-depth, real world mathematical applications. Lee recorded lectures for her students to watch online and take notes as their independent homework. Class time was spent on problem-based, student-centered activities, allowing Lee the ability to further differentiate student learning, support students during the application phase of their learning, and go deeper with the content.

Co-teachers Erik Aister (Special Education) and Stephanie Allen (English) will present "Student Book Trailers with Explain Everything." Aister and Allen have been devising ways to incorporate iPads into the English classroom for the past year as a way of improving student learning. After reading independent novels, students in their classes built book trailers using an iPad app called 'Explain Everything.' Students were expected to summarize, persuade, speak and research topics while putting their trailers together. The presentation will demonstrate that projects such as this give everyone in the classroom a voice and the opportunity to show their learning

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