23 Aug 2014
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Palatine Rejects Plans for a Tattoo Parlor

The Palatine Village Council Tuesday rejected plans for a tattoo parlor at 1709 N. Rand Road.

Palatine Rejects Plans for a Tattoo Parlor Palatine Rejects Plans for a Tattoo Parlor

The Palatine Village Council Tuesday unanimously rejected plans for a tattoo parlor at 1709 E. Rand Road.

"A residential neighborhood is not the place for a tattoo parlor," said Palatine resident Laurie Acevedo. "We don't want this anywhere near our subdivision."

Acevedo presented a petition with 106 signatures from the 250 home Pinehurst Manor subdivision opposing the parlor.

"It's not the question of having tattoos, the question is where they're putting the establishment," she said. "Everyone keeps saying its art. CEOs have them. I read the newspaper. That's fine and dandy, but where you want to put it is in a family neighborhood."

The parlor was proposed by Beth and Phil Cisco of Wheeling.

Beth has been a tattoo artist for 11 years, Phil 23 years. The couple said they had dreamed of opening their own business and chose the Palatine location only after careful research.

"We will do whatever is asked of us from the village," Beth Cisco said."[We will] request any permits, cross every T and dot every I, to ensure we comply with whatever is expected of us."

The tattoo parlor would have occupied 1,800 square feet and would have had four work stations, with the possibility of a fifth station being added at a later date. The Ciscos provided the village with information related to licensing and certification, as well as their business plans. The Ciscos also pointed out that it is illegal for someone younger than 18 to get a tattoo.

"We have no intentions of harming the community of palatine or to be a bother to residents," Beth Cisco said, adding that she had hoped to have a meeting with concerned residents before the council meeting. "We were saddened and disappointed that we didn't have that opportunity."

District 6 Council Member Aaron Del Mar praised the Ciscos, their presentation and the information they provided.

"My concern is the type of business your owning, there is a stigma to it.Having this tattoo sign on rand road is going to upset quite a few people in our community," Del Mar said.

"Palatine is a very particular town, it's a home town. It's my home town. And my vision, and I think some people share my concern is that in our home town there is not a tattoo shop," he said.

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