23 Aug 2014
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Two More Leaf Collections This Fall

Leaves are falling, and the village will be working into November to pick them up. Check here for the dates public works will be near your home.

Two More Leaf Collections This Fall

As fall continues leaves continue to pile up, and Palatine Public Works will be working into November to collect them before winter is here. 

The Village of Palatine began leaf collection on October 8, and has three planned pick-up dates for each residence in the village. The first has already been completed. 

Residents are encouraged to consider 'green initiatives' for handling leaves, such as using a mulching mower or composting for gardens.

If you plan to continue utilizing village leaf collection, here is some information about how the program works: 

  • Leaves should be raked into the street before 7 a.m. on the day of pick-up, and not earlier than 4 p.m. the day before pick-up. 
  • Twelve inches should be left between the curb and leaves to allow rain to flow into storm sewers.
  • If there are no curbs on your street, line up leaves on the pavement close to the shoulder allowing as much room as possible for traffic.
  • Only leaves are allowed, no grass clippings, branches and other landscaped items. 
  • Do not rake leaves adjacent to cul-de-sac islands. Machines are unable to pick those up.
  • Only three pick-ups per residence. Public works cannot come back if more leaves are raked into the street after an earlier pick-up that day. 
  • If rain is in the forecast, residents are asked to make sure inlets are clear to avoid flooding. 
  • On leaf collection days, the village asks that residents do not park in the street, to allow leaf collection vehicles access to get the job done. 

To learn more about when collections happen earlier than planned, what happens if public works gets behind schedule, and what to do if it snows, visit the Village of Palatine website

If you want to know the day and date public works will be by your home to collect leaves, click here and enter your address

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