Jul 25, 2014
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Video Gaming: Palatine Takes Wait-and-See Approach

Village council decides to wait at least one year before again considering at least four applications from Palatine businesses who desire to have video gaming in their establishments.

Video Gaming: Palatine Takes Wait-and-See Approach

In light of applications from businesses including Gators, Alley 64, Pops and Splinters, the Village of Palatine decided to wait at least one year to consider allowing video gaming. 

"We could give this some time, take a wait-and-see approach on this, see what other villages decide to do," said Brad Helms, District 6 councilman. 

"We are all in concurrence that we would prohibit video gaming," said Aaron Del Mar, District 1 councilman. 

A poll of the council showed their preference would be to wait a minimum of one year to revisit the issue, and that video gaming itself at this time is not desired. 

Village Manager Reid Ottesen said village ordinance clearly states video gaming is not allowed in Palatine. 

Ottesen said he will be sending out official letters to those who submitted applications to make them aware video gaming will for the time being, not be considered. 

Earlier this year, the Illinois Gaming Board made video gaming permissable in municipalities, and created Administrative Code Part 1800 that sets forth guidelines on how the devices will be regulated and monitored.

The new rules require that the devices be in a separate, devoted area, and that there be limited access to that area. Close supervision and management by a person 21 years of age or older who has the device constantly in sight also is mandated.

Per the Illinois Gaming Board, municipalities are allowed to opt out if they individually choose to

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