19 Aug 2014
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Psych Test to Explore Driver's Intention in Granat Murders

Mohammad Salahat is accused of driving other men to murder John and Maria Granat in Palos Township in September 2011.

Psych Test to Explore Driver's Intention in Granat Murders Psych Test to Explore Driver's Intention in Granat Murders

An attorney for the youngest of four men accused of murdering a Palos Township couple is looking at psychological testing to “understand the intent of a 16-year-old” whom he says was literally along for the ride.

In September, . At the time of their arrests, Granat and Wyma were entering their senior year at Stagg High School, Qasem was taking college classes, and

Though authorities say Salahat acted as the driver, he has been indicted on the same number of counts related to murder, home invasion and armed robbery — 75 in total.

“Intent in this case is a key factor,” his attorney, Joel Brodsky, said. “Remember, it has never been alleged he did anything other than drive.”

The approved psychological testing will be part of a "battery of tests," he added, to explore not whether Salahat is sane enough for trial, but the more subtle issue of whether he understood what was happening when he acted as driver.

More reports were exchanged in court Thursday—bringing the total number of pages of evidence to 822—as well as 10 discs containing red light camera footage taken in Palos Hills, Palos Heights and Worth, according to assistant state’s attorney Donna Norton.

John Eannace, an attorney for Qasem, was given permission to bring a laptop computer into Cook County jail when he meets with his client to discuss the case.

Pretrial hearings continue April 27.

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