Jul 26, 2014

Vote for Palos Park Police Car in Police Vehicle Design Contest

The Palos Park Police Department needs your support in an online contest for favorite patrol car design.

Vote for Palos Park Police Car in Police Vehicle Design Contest

Palos Park Police need your help! 

The department is seeking votes in the 2014 Police Vehicle Design Contest, People's Choice.  

Entered into the contest is the department's newest patrol unit (number 2014), which features graphics designed by a department officer, commemorating the village's 100th anniversary. 

The vehicle features the village's logo, which is also on the department's anniversary badges. The rear bumper of the car displays the department's motto "Pride, Progress, Professionalism, Dignity" in reflective/contrasting lettering for visibility. The car is black in color with silver reflective graphics for visibility.

The trees on the vehicle represent the village's forest terrain and the graphics also state the village's centennial years (1914–2014). 

"While our cars say something about our personality, they are also tools we use to get a job done. One of those jobs is police work, and sometimes the police cars can be just as unique as our own personalities and the jobs they need to do," wrote Palos Park Police Chief Joe Miller.  "We designed car 2014 to recognize our Centennial year and promote what Palos Park is about.  A true image of America, Palos Park!" 

Vote online by clicking here. 

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