Jul 28, 2014
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What Cars are Palos Residents Buying Most?

Data shows that Hondas are a popular neighborhood choice.

What Cars are Palos Residents Buying Most?

When looking to buy a new car, Chicago area shoppers are most interested in Hondas, according to data reported by CarsDirect.com.  

The car buying and research service compiled traffic data to its web pages to determine which makes and models were viewed the most. The data only tracks which cars are looked at, not purchased.  

In the Chicago market, the Honda Accord was the most viewed vehicle, and other Honda models—CR-V, Odyssey and Civic—were also in the top 10. CarsDirect used a “Volume Index” that set the most popular car at 100, and every other vehicle is a percentage of that.

The data broke down car shopping trends by neighborhoods and towns. It looks like Honda is the manufacturer of choice for this area. Here's what new car buyers in Palos are buying:

1. Honda Accord 

2. Honda CR-V 

3. Toyota Prius 

4. Hyundai Santa Fe 

5. Acura MDX 

6. Chrysler Town & Country 

7. Porsche Cayman 

8. Hyundai Tucson 

9. Mazda Mazda6 

10. Chevrolet Corvette 

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