Jul 26, 2014
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Letter: Peck's Resignation to Plainfield Park Board

The notice was sent to Patch as a letter to the editor.

Letter: Peck's Resignation to Plainfield Park Board

Dear Board of Commissioners,

Over the past month, I have been considering the future of the Park District and my presence as the Executive Director. I took this position in a controversial manner, which made it extremely difficult to function with the entire board and the community. I had a lot of great ideas that will not be able to move forward as a result. Some examples that have been accomplished are a huge savings on health insurance for employees, a shuttle bus with a wheelchair lift, plans for an indoor soccer facility, a new veteran’s program, and potential for over $1.5 million in additional revenue to expand services without raising taxes via billboards and cellphone tower leases. The most important to the community is the strong possibility of an indoor recreation center that may be functional within 3 years pending board approval.

I have become a lightning rod in the community over this position and have decided it is in the best interest for the Park District, Community, and the continued supporters of mine to pass the baton temporarily to Gene Coldwater, the Assistant Executive Director to take the reins until the board can choose a replacement. It is my hope that the new director receives full board support and is not aligned with any political circles. This is what is in the best interest of the Park District and the community. I was told by The Republican Party, that no matter how well the Park District did that it would not matter and they were correct. I also want to apologize to the local Republican Party which I dedicated countless hours and dedication building over the past six years.

Lastly, I want to recognize the most amazing staff that I have ever worked with. They are an amazing asset to the District. Cheryl Crisman, Gene Coldwater, Maureen Nugent, and Wendi Calabrese, it was an honor to work with you and I will never forget the things we accomplished.

I am not seeking any severance or payout from my contract.


Garrett Peck


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