Jul 25, 2014

Lockport Street Bypass Won't Happen for At Least 5 Years: Village

A feasibility study costing $93,000 is about halfway completed, according to officials.

Lockport Street Bypass Won't Happen for At Least 5 Years: Village
Trustees got an update Monday night on what's happening with the Lockport Street bypass feasibility study, but it will likely be years before crews break ground on the project.

Director of Public Works Allen Persons said the feasibility study, which is being conducted by Strand Associates, is about halfway done, and will take another six months to complete.

"Last night was more of an update," Persons said Tuesday, referring to plans to build a new road between Lockport Street and Route 126 and the proposed 143rd Street Extension.

So far, the village board has ruled out three of six possible alternatives for the project, but it could be years before plans are finalized. The project will also be tied to the Illinois Department of Transportation's proposals to build a new Lockport Street interchange at I-55 and to complete the interchange at Route 126/Essington Road.

"This isn't something we would expect local taxpayers to pay for," he added, saying the village would pursue "major grant funding" for the project. While the village is the lead agency on the bypass, officials are working closely with IDOT, Persons said.

At the earliest, "It's at least five years away," Persons said. "It has to be installed as part of the interchange project."

Persons said the village will reach out to Plainfield Park District officials to keep them up to date on the project.

"It will be directly adjacent to their property," Persons said of the project, which is just west of Four Seasons Park. "One alternative would actually bisect [park district] property," he noted.

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