Jul 25, 2014

State's Attorney Investigating Plainfield Park District Documents

A spokesman for the state's attorney declined to say whether the investigation is related to accusations made this week against board president Hurtado.

State's Attorney Investigating Plainfield Park District Documents
The Will County State's Attorney's Office is reportedly taking a look at documents related to the Plainfield Park District, but spokesman Chuck Pelkie won't say whether the probe is related to accusations made this week by commissioner Janet Silosky against board president Peter Hurtado.

Silosky accused Hurtado of "highly inappropriate" actions during a tense special board meeting Wednesday night.

"The State's Attorney's Office has been asked to review some documents from the Plainfield Park District," Pelkie said Friday, adding the request came "within the last week or two."

He would not say who made the request for review, and declined to comment on the nature of the documents.

"We're in the process of making a determination what, if any, additional steps will be taken," Pelkie added. 

On Wednesday, Silosky publicly accused Hurtado of trying to sell a shipment of LED lights to the park district. She said Hurtado asked district spokesman Doug Booth to authorize a PayPal payment for the lights to a company by the name of "Solis," which, coincidentally bears the same name as the man dating Hurtado's daughter.

Silosky claimed her suspicions regarding the alleged deal came from her knowledge that Hurtado, who works in the commercial lighting industry, had gotten stuck with a shipment of LED lights over the summer. She said the lights were to be sent to China, but the deal fell through.

Hurtado on Wednesday denied that the lights were his and said he had no knowledge of the purchase or bid process.

Silosky, on the other hand, claims Hurtado admitted to her that the lights belonged to him, but denied he had done anything wrong and told her to feel free to take her claims to the state's attorney's office.

Silosky said the payment to "Solis" was made by the park district maintenance department, but that fellow board member Peter Steinys was able to stop the PayPal payment before it went through.

No one on the board could say how much the cancelled payment would have cost the park district Wednesday night.

Silosky did not immediately return a call from Patch on Friday. 

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