Jul 28, 2014
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Reese & Baby Ruth Are Looking for a Home — Maybe Yours?

Reese & Baby Ruth Are Looking for a Home — Maybe Yours? Reese & Baby Ruth Are Looking for a Home — Maybe Yours?
Submitted by the Romeoville Humane Society:

Reese & Baby Ruth are darling 8-month-old sibling tabbies available for adoption:

This brother/sister dynamic duo complement each other so well.  Timid to start, their shyness quickly fades and both are fun, playful, goofy, loving and cuddly – each in their own way.  They are extremely closely bonded, but are not at each other’s side constantly.  They do independent things, but are always watching to ensure the other is within eyesight or sound range.  Ruth has the tiniest meow, Reese doesn’t really meow, but they both “coo” and it is so cute.  He is the bigger of the two, a nice size “tiger cub”; she is very petite and it appears she will remain a smaller size.  Both have lovely tabby striped markings; big brother is beautiful brown tone where little sister is a gorgeous silvery grey.  Canines are not anything they care to encounter, they are very afraid.  But other cats they are very interested in playing with and always look for other feline companionship.  They will be wonderful with other social cats (especially ones who don’t mind their tails being used as playtoys).  Due to their tight loving bond, we will keep them as a pair – we know the right home is waiting to find two very wonderful young cats to make a part of their family.  This twosome will make one lucky adopter very happy. 

Reese & Ruth’s $300 (for the pair) adoption fee includes their spay & neuter, vaccines, FIV, Feline Leukemia and fecal tests, and microchipping.  For more information on adoption, contact the Romeoville Humane Society by email at romeovillehumanesociety@yahoo.com or phone (877) 813-7300.

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