Jul 29, 2014

Plea Deal Instructs Man to Stop Spitting on Others

Also in this week's OMG PD, a car is towed for owing thousands in parking tickets and a cabbie gets battered by his fare.

Plea Deal Instructs Man to Stop Spitting on Others

By Emily Stone and David MacLean

God works at mysterious hours

A Glenview resident reported that three women went door to door and asked to speak to residents about religious preferences and attending a new temple at 12:30 a.m. The three left in a silver sport utility vehicle.

Fare is foul and foul is fare

A 28-year-old man took a taxi home to Bolingbrook from a bar in Chicago, then refused to pay the $79.45 and got out of the cab to walk. The driver followed him and the passenger rushed the driver, causing minor injuries. He was charged with theft of labor/services, aggravated battery and resisting arrest

It's always nice when a plea deal sounds like a kindergarten lesson

A homeless man pleaded guilty to spitting on a Will County prosecutor in April. The prosecutor was eating lunch outside with another assistant state's attorney when she "felt something hit the back of her head and she heard a spitting noise." As part of the plea deal, the man was specifically ordered not to spit on anyone.

What's the saying? 'Thieves in glass houses....'

Deerfield police arrested two men for theft after the men confronted a third man they believed had stolen an iPhone from one of them. Witnesses who saw the confrontation called police who were told by the third man that his laptop was missing from his car. Police said they found the laptop in the car of the man who claimed his phone had been stolen.

You should see his late fees at Blockbuster

A vehicle was towed from a commuter parking lot in Glenview because the owner had accumulated over $3,700 in parking tickets. Comment

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