Jul 29, 2014

Shorewood Investigator Burned For Smoking

A Shorewood man working as an investigator for the Cook County State's Attorney quit his plush job after the Better Government Association and Fox confronted him about hanging out on the clock in a cigar shop.

Shorewood Investigator Burned For Smoking

resident and retired Chicago cop Robert L. Thomas was making $78,000 a year as an invesitgator with the Cook County State's Attorney's Office — until he quit after hidden cameras caught him spending his work days in a Bridgeport cigar shop, reports the Huffington Post.

"An investigation by the Better Government Association and FOX Chicago News found Robert L. Thomas — a retired Chicago cop hired by the state’s attorney’s office in 1997 — spent large parts of his days hanging out at Gianni Cigars Etc. at 31st and Canal when he was supposed to be working. (When the shop moved a couple of blocks away this month, he started showing up there, too.)," the Huffington Post story said.

But Thomas' days in the smoke are over — or at least over while he's on the county payroll, says the story:

"Just days after the 66-year-old Shorewood resident was confronted on camera and asked why he frequented the shop on duty, Thomas resigned his $78,000-a-year position – although he still, apparently, will be able to collect a public-sector pension through Cook County. He already is collecting a Chicago police pension of around $40,000 a year."

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