Jul 29, 2014

Shorewood Park District

Shorewood park district, where is it?  No where is the answer. Joliet park district is where I would guess 90 percent of shorewood takes their kids for lessons, activities, fitness, and anything else. Why is that?  Because we don't have anything here in shorewood. That isn't a bad thing, but why must we pay non-resident prices?  I live 2.2 miles from Joliet Park district and have paid many non resident fees. I think our shorewood city council needs to reach out and make a deal for better shorewood rates. I have emailed city council with no reply. I figured maybe if we get enough comments and support they will try to do something. Shorewood has nothing here and many people I have spoke to in shorewood all put money into joliet pd. I think it's time out neighbor shows some next door neighbor love. Our taxes are already high, we should get a break on the park district. 


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