20 Aug 2014
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Best Buy Royally Screws Up Dark Souls Pre Order

Gamers are probably raging right now.

Best Buy Royally Screws Up Dark Souls Pre Order

Anyone who preordered Dark Souls through Best Buy's website was supposed to get a collector's edition version of the game. Unfortunately, they're not getting it, at least today they aren't.

The company couldn't differentiate the difference from the SKU numbers between regular versions of the game and the collector's edition, a manager said. Gamers of the sadistic Dark Souls game are probably raging.

This is surprising, as you would think Best Buy would make more of an effort to compete with Gamestop in the multibillion dollar industry that is video games.

Seriously? You need to make an effort if you're going to sell to gamers. Not giving  gamers their pre order bonuses is a huge mistake if you're looking for repeat business. For Dark Souls, the collector's edition was supposed to come with a collector's tin, art book and several digital downloads.

An employee at said this was a nationwide problem, and that he was dealing with angry customers all day. He noted that half canceled their order while the other half are  leaving their name and number down for the slight possibility that the store will get the collector's edition sometime "in the near future." Some are just accepting the reuglar version of the game, he added.

Some anger has already been spotted on the forums and for anyone looking to pick up the limited edition of Dark Souls tough luck. The version was only available as a pre order bonus.  

I was one of the unfortunate victims of the Best Buy - Dark Souls  fiasco. As I waited in line, I saw another customer trying to explain to an employee who Larry Bird is for his pre order of NBA 2K12. Come on Best Buy, make an effort here, will ya'?

Dark Souls was released the same day as NBA 2K12 and Rage. The game has received epic scores from almost every review outlet.

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