23 Aug 2014
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New Jobs Numbers for Illinois: The Struggle Continues

It's all about the jobs, and Illinois doesn't measure up in several categories.

New Jobs Numbers for Illinois: The Struggle Continues
GAZING AHEAD I'm an editor, not a fortune-teller, but I take a stab at predictions on a few of the big issues facing Illinois in the year that starts tomorrow. I guarantee the last prediction on the list will come true. Maybe.  My list is here.

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS November unemployment figures show Illinois moving out of the second-worst-in-the-nation position it occupied for much of 2013. But we're still struggling. We've got it broken down several ways: BUSY BGA The Better Government Association closed 2013 with a bang: An extensive investigation of the campaign spending of longtime Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush. But its investigations throughout the year uncovered public pension hi-jinks, unreported gifts by elected officials and a long list of other things sure to drive taxpayers crazy. BGA President Andy Shaw spotlights the Top 10 investigations of the year.  You won't believe some of these.

MOVIN' OUT Earlier this year, United Van Lines published a survey showing Illinois as one of the most moved-from states in the country. (We turned it into  this infographic.) Now Allied Van Lines has a similar survey with similar results.  More here.

FUTURE GAZING Has there ever been a year with as much prediction potential as 2014? Will unions team up to keep Bruce Rauner from winning the Republican nomination for governor? Who will face Pat Quinn in November? Will Quinn prevail? What will happen to the income tax increase scheduled to end a year from tomorrow? Will the Illinois Supreme Court uphold the pension reform bill? Will the Bears rebound in 2014? Will the Blackhawks repeat? So many possibilities. We want to hear your thoughts for the year that starts Wednesday.  Click here and share your prediction!

DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS, REBOOT ILLINOIS If you live in Lake or McHenry counties, please join us and Republican state Sen. Pamela Althoff, Democratic state Rep. Jack Franks and Republican state Rep. Barbara Wheeler at a special town hall forum on January 14th in Woodstock.  Details here and let us know you're coming, please.

TOP 5 As 2013 comes to a close, here are today's top political and government headlines from around Illinois:
  • 5. Illinois taxpayers will receive a sheet offering a broad overview of how Illinois spends money in their tax returns this year. ( Chicago Tribune)
    4. Gov. Quinn has come up with a new plan for revenue generated by closing corporate tax loopholes. ( Pantagraph)
    3.  A large national trade union political action committee just donated $100,000 to Pat Quinn’s campaign. ( Chicago Sun-Times)
    2. Gov. Quinn’s 2013 could be ruled favorable thanks to some late successes. ( NBC Chicago)
    1. According to a survey, Illinois ranked in the top five states people moved from in 2013. ( Chicago Sun-Times)

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