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Skokie Mayor Van Dusen Makes Statement On Shootings, Crime Activity

He says crime will not be tolerated, and asks residents to do something specific.

Skokie Mayor Van Dusen Makes Statement On Shootings, Crime Activity

Skokie Mayor George Van Dusen issued the following statement Friday. Patch is posting it in its entirely.

On Tuesday evening, August 13, 2013 the Skokie Police Department responded to an incident of shots fired at the intersection of Skokie Boulevard and Niles Center Road.  Fortunately, no one was injured but multiple rounds were fired.  As always, our Police Department is fully engaged in this investigation and we leave this process in their competent hands.  Generally, the Village leaves all statements concerning crime and active investigations to the Police Department.

At the same time, as Mayor of Skokie, I express the outrage of our residents that random violence, involving handguns indiscriminately discharged in our streets has occurred.  Even as overall crime statistics decline, the notion that guns have been used on our streets cannot and will not be tolerated by the Village.
Whether it turns out that these perpetrators were from Skokie or from outside the Village, our message is clear: “Criminal activity of all kinds will be aggressively dealt with in Skokie.”  Our Police Department will pursue all criminal acts and has an exemplary record of apprehensions.
While the Police Department proceeds to do its job to apprehend those involved and to anticipate, when possible, such malignant criminal activity, I call on each of us to take some action.  

First, organizing and actively participating in the Neighborhood Watch Program brings results in deterring crime and pushing perpetrators out of our community. Call the Skokie Police Department at 847/982-5900 for information on registering your block.  

Second, reporting what we see and not holding back information, even the slightest detail, is critical to strengthening our crime-fighting efforts.  Do not hesitate to call 9-1-1 when you suspect something is out of place in your neighborhood.  No one knows your neighborhood like you and can detect when something is suspicious.

Each of us walk the same Skokie streets and have the same concerns about safety.  We all have the same passion to maintain our wonderful community.  It takes positive, joint efforts to succeed in the fight against small elements of crime.  Finally, the Village Board has authorized continued and additional support to expand the resources and staffing of our Police Department that already has the finest facilities and equipment available.

George Van  Dusen
Mayor, Village of Skokie

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