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About John Rabchuk

Biographical data and questions and answers from St. Charles mayoral candidate John Rabchuk.

About John Rabchuk

Name: John Rabchuk

Position sought: Mayor, St. Charles, IL

Campaign contact information: www.rabchukformayor.com


Campaign website: www.rabchukformayor.com/

What will be your single most important priority if you get elected?

"Increase the overall health and vitality of the community. St. Charles is blessed with beautiful natural resources. It has garnered recognition as the Best Place in America to Raise a Family. It has a well managed and fiscally sound government. However, too many empty storefronts has made it difficult to attract new business. My highest priority is to provide the leadership St. Charles needs to find a new synergy that will enhance and multiply our many existing assets and make our town a recognized leader in attracting new business. My recent proposals to establish St. Charles as a cycling hub and to create STC Corps of volunteers are part of my comprehensive plan to create that synergy. With little cost, we can attract residents and visitors to our downtown and establish a vibrancy that will make St. Charles a desirable destination for new business. My plan also includes investigating some methods and ideas that I have for transforming the Fox River into a recreational asset, and turning our First Street Plaza into regularly scheduled entertainment venue.

Home address: 914 Ash St., St. Charles, IL 60174. our residence since 1976

Family members: Cheryl Rabchuk, spouse for almost 41 years

Lindsey Hayes, daughter, resides in Chicago with her husband, Brian, and their daughters Lily and Josephine

Ben Rabchuk, son, resides in Downers Grove, IL with his wife, Francesca, and their daughter, Olivia

No family members work for any any St. Charles government entity.

Education: BA in business administration, University of Illinois 1972

Certificate in entrepreneurial development, University of Illinois-Chicago 2006

Current occupation and employer: Current: Principal of The Caddis Group LLC — managerial and financial consulting for construction material producers

Systech Inc., owner and president — software and control systems for ready mix concrete producers, 1996-2010

BGIS Systems Inc., owner and president — software systems for highway/heavy construction firms, 1980-1995

Barber-Green Company, Aurora, IL, General manager of Contec Controls Division — designed and manufactured process control systems for asphalt equipment, 1974-1980

Retail Stores in Champaign/Urbana, IL — owned and operated a number of retail stores, 1971-1974

Political party affiliation: Independent

Why Are You Seeking Office?

I love St. Charles and have devoted many hours towards improving our community. In fact, I have more civic and business leadership than all other mayoral candidates combined. I have a vision to enhance the vitality and health of St. Charles that is based on real and attainable goals with a delineated action plan. I have proven leadership and I know how to get things done.

What sets you apart from the other candidates? "I have more civic and business leadership experience than all of the other mayoral candidates combined. My civic leadership includes:

• St. Charles Mental Health Board – Chairman

• Downtown Partnership Board of Directors

• 2013 St. Charles Comprehensive Plan Task Force – Vice Chairman

• River Corridor Foundation – Treasurer

• First Street Streetscape Design Committee – Chairman

• St. Charles Strategic Planning Task Force

• St. Charles Kiwanis

I contributed leadership in helping all of these organizations attain real and measurable achievements that have benefited our community.

I have been a successful entrepreneur. I started and owned two leading national software companies related to the construction industry.

I have proven leadership and a solid track record of getting things done that make St. Charles a better place to live and to do business.

Issue 1: What is your ecomonic development strategy for the city of St. Charles?

Increasing the economic health of St. Charles to broaden the tax base and lower the tax burden on individual residents. I have played an active role in attempting to attract all types of new business to St. Charles. Our city is well known as a beautiful community. However, it can be difficult to sell the commercial and industrial opportunities in St. Charles when the visual realities are too many empty store fronts, two mall sites in need of redevelopment, and a sluggish industrial base. The first part of my plan to address this issue is to make St. Charles an attractive location for business. A healthy, vibrant community is a natural attraction for economic growth. In addition, the 2013 St. Charles Comprehensive Plan, which I helped draft, identifies specific, creative alternatives to encourage the development of the old St. Charles Mall site and the Charlestown Mall area, reinvigorate our industrial and manufacturing districts and creatively utilize key gateway opportunities within the community.

Issue 2: In light of the anger over the Lexington Club controversy, what steps would you take to restore trust in city government? To increase transparency?

The realities are that any change in a community inherently has some level of controversy associated with it. The city government has a responsibility to listen to all residents and stakeholders on any issue involving change, and then to make a decision based on it's assessment of the best interests of the community. In the case of the Lexington Club proposal there was public hearings and open discussion that extended over multiple years with substantial input form opponents and proponents. The council made the final decision based upon that accumulated testimony and evidence.

Issue 3: What steps would you take to help resolve the complaints of alcohol-related problems in the downtown area?

The issue of violations of the ordinances related to liquor consumption and sale in St. Charles is a police matter and should be handled accordingly. Where businesses violate the terms and conditions of their licenses, the liquor commission is empowered to determine the proper remedial action following a complete investigation. I believe in tight enforcement of existing ordinances and licensing terms.

Please add any other information pertinent to your campaign.

I have proven my love for and dedication to improving the City of St. Charles. I am the only candidate with measurable results in working to enhance the health and vitality of our community via civic service over the past 15 years. In civic organizations and my successful entrepreneurial career I consistently demonstrated the ability, knowledge and leadership to get things done.


  • John Rabchuk Enters St. Charles Mayoral Race

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