23 Aug 2014
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City: Bar is a 'Threat to the Welfare' of St. Charles

Scotland Yard faces seven-day suspension for March 26 incident.

City: Bar is a 'Threat to the Welfare' of St. Charles

The City of St. Charles's Liquor Commission has suspended the liquor license for following an incident where a woman was allegedly over-served to the point of alcohol-poisoning last month.

The seven-day suspension follows a history of similar actions levied against the bar, including the most recent suspension in August.

The city’s Liquor Commission has reason to believe that Scotland Yard poses a “threat to the welfare of the St. Charles community” and issued the suspension starting this past Wednesday, according to a release from the city. A hearing is scheduled on April 12 to consider whether to extend the suspension or possibly revoke the bar’s license.

According to the city, a St. Charles police officer found a woman on March 26 outside the door to Scotland Yard who could “barely stand.” The woman reportedly told the officer she had a large amount to drink at the bar. Paramedics were called and the woman was transported to the hospital to be treated to acute alcohol poisoning.

Mayor Don DeWitte called the complacent service of Scotland Yard “unconscionable and irresponsible” in the statement.

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