Jul 29, 2014
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Rescuers Honored for Saving Drowning Tinley Man

Orland Park officials publicly applauded a group this week who came to the aid of a man who was drowning in Lake Sedgewick.

Rescuers Honored for Saving Drowning Tinley Man

received a “public pat on the back” during Monday night’s Orland Park Village Board meeting.

Albert Kulicz, Mackenzie Smith, Andrea Dunn, Meghan Carmody and Taylor Calzaretta, were each presented with a lifesaver award from the village that read:

“In recognition and appreciation of your selfless heroism in saving the life of a drowning individual, presented this Fourth day in June 2012.”

On May 29, Kulicz, from Bridgeview, and Smith, of Orland Park, jumped into Lake Sedgewick after . The two pulled him back to the south shore, and got him out with the help of Dunn, Carmody and Calzaretta, all from Orland Park. The three ran from the west side of the lake to the south shore to help.

“It’s a pretty treacherous piece territory for those who’ve been there,” Orland Park Police Chief Tim McCarthy said about the south shore during the presentation. “Difficult to get there, with a narrow pass high above the water. It was one heck of an act of heroism by all five.”

The five brought the man, referred to as Mr. Sullivan during the meeting, up on land as emergency personnel arrived and he was recovering from mild injuries at Palos Community Hospital that night.

“I don’t think there’s anyone of us who doesn’t wonder what we’d do when faced with a situation where someone needs help, because there’s an awful lot of stories out there about a person laying on the streets suffering and a crowd of people walk and drive by,” Mayor Dan McLaughlin said. “You stepped up when it was important and it counted, and there are times when people don’t.”

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