Jul 29, 2014

Looking for a Job or Not, Everyone in Illinois Should Read This

Improve your resume and chances of getting a job with these helpful tips from a career coaching expert.

Looking for a Job or Not, Everyone in Illinois Should Read This
Finding a job is not as easy as it used to be, and many Illinoisans will attest to that.

The job market is not only highly competitive, but also oversaturated as an influx of new graduates pour in each year looking for work. On top of that, both the state and national economy are recovering at a snail's pace.

Though the odds may be stacked against job seekers, there are still companies hiring -- yes, even in Illinois -- but it requires effort, commitment and patience to find one.

Scott Kane, founder and partner of Gray Hair Management, a career coaching and networking services firm for senior professionals, provided some expert advice on how to write the best resume, and other helpful tips that could help you get an interview -- or better yet, a job offer.

As for the condition of the labor force, preliminary metro and local unemployment statistics were released on June 26th. Take a look at the data, which we broke down by county, city and metro areas. 

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