Jul 28, 2014
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Weather Alert: 6 Inches of Snow on the Way

The National Weather Service says 6 inches of snow and strong winds are on the way.

Weather Alert: 6 Inches of Snow on the Way

I've seen a few convertibles with the top down in the past two weeks—the first two weeks of January in a western suburb of Chicago.

I'm sure we all knew it was too good to be true. 

Even though the temperature was in the 50s earlier today,  the National Weather Service is reporting that it will all be over tonight. In , a Winter Storm Watch has been issued for the Chicago area, including Cook, DuPage and Kane counties. The storm is on schedule to set in by Thursday morning and could continue through Friday morning.

Weather.com is predicting temperatures will drop into the low 30s tonight with a 100 percent chance of snow tomorrow—so they're saying there's a chance.

The National Weather Service is warning residents to expect up to six inches of snow tomorrow with wind speeds of 15-25 mph and wind gusts of 35 mph by Thursday evening.

Travel could become dangerous Thursday night as the wind picks up and snowdrifts accumulate in open spaces, the weather service warned.

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