Jul 25, 2014

Wheaton College to Debate “Air-Sea Battle” at Cantigny

Wheaton College to Debate “Air-Sea Battle” at Cantigny

The First Division
Museum at Cantigny Park welcomes the Wheaton College
Debate team on Tuesday, April 15, at 7:30 pm. 
The award-winning team will debate the controversial doctrine under
consideration by the U.S. Department of Defense called Air-Sea Battle.

Air-Sea Battle aims to counter efforts that
restrict United States military access to certain areas of the world. The
doctrine envisions that air and naval operations, including missiles launched
from submarines, will be vital to defeating such efforts. The Air Force and
Navy emphasize that the Western Pacific is where the U.S. is most likely to
encounter hostile anti-access strategies.

Air-Sea Battle would impact the future of U.S.
strategy and engagement in the world.  It
is controversial in part because it implies a very limited role for the U.S. Army
and shifts funding priority to the Navy and Air Force. Some argue that the doctrine
would also encourage China to increase its military capabilities and could lead
to a war. Others say that the Middle East should still be America’s priority, pointing
to the current war in Syria.

Spectators on April 15 will see the rules and
procedures of an official parliamentary debate in action. Wheaton College’s parliamentary debate program began
in 2003 and promotes the development of persuasive, articulate and critical
thinking. Wheaton teams compete in the prestigious National Parliamentary
Tournament of Excellence and consistently earn both debate and speaking awards
at local, regional and national tournaments, including the National
Parliamentary Debate Association championship.

Museum doors open at 6:45 pm. 
Admission and parking are complimentary. 
For more information, please call 630.260.8187 or visit FirstDivisionMuseum.org.

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