21 Aug 2014
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5 Snow Games to Rid the Winter Blues in Wilmette

Looking for games to entertain the kids this weekend? Here are some fun ideas for the snowy weather in Wilmette.

5 Snow Games to Rid the Winter Blues in Wilmette


Are your kids tired of playing indoors? Here are five fun ideas to kick away the winter blues.

Snow Bowling

Shovel the snow to create your bowling alley, spray water to create a smooth and slippery surface, make snow pins and balls. For instructions, visit: www.EscapadeDirect.com.

You could even make colorful ice balloons to serve as the bowling ball. For instructions, visit: www.eHow.com. 

Footprint Tag

The same rules as regular tag except you can only step in others’ footprints. For instructions, visit: www.Kidactivities.net 

Ice Block Sculptures

Freeze colored water in ice-cube trays, then let the children create sculptures with the colored blocks. For instructions, visit:  Spoonful.com

Snow Treasure Hunt

Fill a cooler with different treats to serve as the treasure box then leave clues to help the children locate it. For instructions, visit: www.WikiHow.com

Snow Graffiti

Use the snow as a canvas and let the children paint it with spray bottles filled with water dyed with food coloring. For instructions, visit: www.iVillage.com

Ready to take these games to the park? Check out this list of parks in Wilmette.

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