15 Sep 2014
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Abt's Apple Specialist Talks iPhone 5

The Glenview electronic giant's Apple expert chats about the iPhone 5 release, what users can expect and why you need to check it out. From a new processor to a killer camera and lots of other goodies, Apple's latest toy will 'blow y

Abt's Apple Specialist Talks iPhone 5 Abt's Apple Specialist Talks iPhone 5 Abt's Apple Specialist Talks iPhone 5

Mark Sept. 21 in your calendar. It’s iPhone 5 release day, baby!

After yesterday’s highly anticipated iPhone 5 announcement, Patch chatted with Abt’s Apple Boutique manager Joshua Davis about new features, why the iPhone 5 will “make you drool” and how you can make sure you have one when they go on sale.

Davis, of Morton Grove, has worked with Abt for eight years. He has appeared on a variety of local television shows and is often an expert source for national publications.

Patch: Tell us about some of the cool features we can expect with the new iPhone release. What are some of the biggest changes/upgrades? 

JD: Apple's announcement today has got us all geared up. There's two major things going on with the new iPhone 5. The hardware changes have us all drooling. However, when we get these in our hands, it's the new iOS 6 and how well those hardware changes are going to make it work that are going to amaze us all.  

The overall iPhone experience will once again raise the bar for all smartphones. On the hardware side of the new iPhone we have thinner, lighter and less bulky of a phone. Bigger 4-inch Retina display is also one of the biggest changes. As amazing as these aesthetic upgrades are, I am least excited about them.  

I'm most excited about Apple's new processor. The new A6 Chip is going to impact the user experience more than any of the upgrades. The boost in speed (besides the LTE upg) is something that will make iOS 6 and its new features blow your mind.

There's a ton of upgrades but the other upgrade that I can't wait to play with is the new camera. I don't use a digital camera anymore. My iPhone 4 has been my primary device for taking pictures and recording videos. The only reason why I wanted the iPhone 4s was for its camera upgrade (and Siri) but I didn't want to lose my upgradeability for the iPhone 5.  

Check out  Apple.com's photo gallery of the iPhone 5’s pictures. That's all you need to know. The specs don't do it justice. This camera (even the front FaceTime cam) are professional quality. 

Patch: When will it be available in stores? 

JD: Apple has announced the iPhone 5 availability at retail stores Sept. 21 at 8:00 a.m.

Patch: What does Abt plan to do for the release? Are you expecting large crowds? 

JD: Abt's plans for the Sept. 21 launch are TBD.The same goes for pre-ordering. Apple is offering direct pre-orders starting September 14th and Abt has not yet decided on how we will be addressing those. Best to contact the store or visit  www.abt.com for updates.  

Patch: What have previous iPhone releases been like at the store?

JD: Previous launches have been flooded with people ordering the iPhone. We were lucky to receive so many iPhones in stock & did a great job accommodating everyone.  

Patch: Anything else you'd like to share with readers thinking about buying the new iPhone?

JD: If you're thinking about buying a new iPhone, then here's what you need to know:  


a. If you don't own any smartphone and think you don't need one: If you take away all the amazing features of any iPhone and just look at it's ability to send and receive calls & the voicemail system, then that's all it takes. It is the best way for anyone to use a cell phone. It's worth the data plan monthly fee just for that reason. You will also start to use the other features and then maybe better justify why you moved to a smart phone. Also, keep in mind that if your eligible for upgrade, then you could get the iPhone 4 now for FREE!!! or $99 for the 4S (do it!!! better camera and Siri). I'd say to still get the iPhone 5 but any choices are better than a non-smartphone


b. If you have a smartphone already: I'm pretty biased and wouldn't use anything but iPhone. Easy for me to say to put down your droid and get an iPhone 5. If you have upgrade eligibility with your carrier and you can get the deal pricing on the iPhone 5, check it out. You should come into Abt and just get your hands on a demo to see how it works. You may want to make that change. The new Apple iOS 6 will impress you.


c. Current iPhone users: Trade in your existing phone at Abt and get a new iPhone 5! (If you're not elgible for the deal pricing, then maybe someone else is on your family plan. You're allowed to use their upgrade if you want).

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