Jul 28, 2014

Nearby Theater May Soon Serve Alcohol

Highland Park's Landmark Theater in the Renaissance Place may soon offer drinks to moviegoers.

Nearby Theater May Soon Serve Alcohol

While the Highland Park Theater remains closed, the Landmark Theater in Renaissance Place is making moves to become even more of a destination.

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The city's sole remaining movie theater recently got approval from the Highland Park City Council for the creation of a new liquor license that would allow alcoholic drinks to be sold in the theater's lobby, according to Highland Park City Councilwoman Sally Higginson.

"Adult beverages and movies," Higginson said. "What's not to like?"

The move is part of a $1 million renovation Landmark has planned. The theater still has to apply for the license, Higginson explained.

The new license would only allow alcoholic drinks to be sold in the lobby area, and only one drink could be sold to one person at a time, according to the Highland Park News.

"The servers will have all the training, they'll know it's one drink per patron," Higginson said. "So in addition to being fabulous, it will also be legal."

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