Jul 26, 2014
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Possible Fix for Glencoe Parking Woes Falls Through

A Glencoe property owner was in discussions to sell to the village-which planned on using the property to create more parking-but is now selling to another buyer, the Glencoe Sun-Times reports.

Possible Fix for Glencoe Parking Woes Falls Through
The Village of Glencoe was poised to purchase a residential property to convert it into a parking lot, but the deal surprisingly fell through last week, the Glencoe Sun-Times reports. 

According to the article, the property owner at 724 Vernon Avenue was considering a $1 million dollar offer from the village, but decided to sell to another buyer very recently. Village officials say a resolution for the parking crunch in the business district will continue to be sought. 

The Glencoe Sun-Times has more on this story

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