Jul 30, 2014

Rebuilding Glencoe’s Friends Park Could Cost $440K to $460K

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Rebuilding Glencoe’s Friends Park Could Cost $440K to $460K

Plans to rebuild Glencoe’s Friends Park could cost between $440,000 to $460,000, while there’s no indication of a fund-raising campaign to cover the expenses, the funds could come from available district capital and some overstocked district accounts, Glencoe News reported. 

Glencoe Park District is expected to vote on a final plan at the March 19 meeting; among the proposed playground equipments for the park could include a kid-powered merry-go-around, swings, train- and boat-like fixtures, a net climber – all with a handicap-accessible component that could make Friends Park the most handicapped-accessible park in Glencoe, Glencoe News reported. 

The whole set of playground equipment at the park at Vernon Avenue and Tudor Court was originally slated to be replaced in mid 2013. Glencoe Park District  moved up the replacement date after a 13-year-old fell five feet through a step on the playground equipment last October.   

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