23 Aug 2014
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Vote Yes To Lower Your Electric Rates

Dear Kendall or Kane County Resident:                                                                     

Unincorporated residents of Kane and Kendall County have a unique opportunity to lower your individual Commonwealth Edison energy rate through an Electric Supply Aggregation Program.  Starting in 2012, your neighbors in surrounding communities of Aurora, Montgomery, Sugar Grove, Oswego, Plainfield, and Yorkville approved referendums to aggregate (pool together) electric supply and are typically saving between $200 and $400 year, depending on the size of their home. This represents a 20% savings vs. the ComEd rate currently being charged to you as an unincorporated resident of Kendall County. To have the same opportunity, unincorporated residents of Kendall County must first Vote Yes on the electricity supply referendum on March 18, 2014 to authorize the County to pursue electric supply aggregation.


Communities throughout Illinois may aggregate (pool together) the electric load of its residents to seek bids for lower electric supply rates from suppliers other than ComEd.  This has come about due to deregulation of the electric market by the State of Illinois, the goal is to secure lower electric supply rates for residents and small businesses in our community (see historical results on back page).


Over 200 Illinois communities have completed this process over the last few years.


The referendum on the March 18, 2014 ballot will read as follows:


Shall the County of (Kane or Kendall) have the authority to arrange for the supply of electricity for its residential and small commercial retail customers who have not opted out of such a program? YES or NO      


There will be no change to your billing.  ComEd will continue to send your monthly bill.  ComEd will still deliver the electricity and you will still call ComEd for service and outages.

You will not be required to participate in the new program.  Every resident who does not already have an alternate supplier will receive a letter with the opportunity to “opt out” of the new program and stay with ComEd as the energy supplier or select their own supplier.


The referendum will appear on the March 18, 2014 Primary Election Ballot.  Additional information about Kane and Kendall County considering purchasing electricity in bulk to save its residents and small businesses money can be obtained by calling our county electric supply aggregation hotline, at 1-800-856-3404 or www.electricsupplyvote.org.


Your Neighboring Towns Are Paying Less For Electricity!

 Why Shouldn’t You?  Vote YES on Tuesday March 18th, 2014 To Lower Your Electric Costs.



Q: What is Electric Supply Aggregation?

Electric supply aggregation is a process whereby an entire community moves to an alternate supplier as a group. 


Q: What is ComEd’s position on Electric Supply Aggregation?

ComEd supports electric supply aggregation and works cooperatively with counties and municipalities who elect to aggregate by providing load data and other necessary information.  They also work with the alternative suppliers to make sure customers are enrolled with the correct suppliers on a timely basis.


Q: Why would a County Board pursue Electric Supply Aggregation?

As residents of unincorporated Kendall County you are not eligible to participate in the aggregation programs passed by Aurora, Montgomery, Yorkville, Plainfield or Oswego.  Communities are pursuing aggregation because they may be able to help their residents and eligible small businesses save money by creating a combined customer group that has more buying power than individual residents.


Q: What action must I take if my community approves Electric Supply Aggregation program and I want to join the program?

If unincorporated residents of Kendall County approve the referendum for an aggregation program, you do not need to take any action in order to participate and get the negotiated electric supply price.


Q: What if I do not want to join the Electric Supply Aggregation program?

You will have two opportunities to opt-out of the program if you decide not to participate.  The chosen supplier will send opt-out notices to all residents and eligible small businesses within the community.  You will need to fill out and return the opt-out notice in order to be excluded from the program.


Q: Who do I call if my power goes out? Who do I get my bill from?

You continue to call your local utility company, ComEd .  Also ComEd will bill you.


Q: Who do I contact for more information on Electric Supply Aggregation?

Visit the Illinois Commerce Commission website, www.pluginillinois.org or contact the Electric Supply Aggregation Hotline at1-800-856-3404 or www.electricsupplyvote.org.


Q: What are the Electric Supply Aggregation rates that other communities are paying?





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