23 Aug 2014
73° Rain

Ames Weather: No More Snow Until Wednesday

Sunday's snow storm brought Ames three inches, roads north of town remain snow and ice covered.

Ames Weather: No More Snow Until Wednesday

Roads north of Ames remain snow and ice covered after a snow storm dropped a few inches of snow across Iowa Sunday.

Main roads in Ames were clear but some residential streets remain slick.

Travel on Interstate 35 was normal and parts of U.S. Highway 20 were snow and ice covered. For detailed information on road conditions check the Iowa Department of Transportation here.

Ames received three inches, according to unofficial weather stations that report to the National Weather Service. Most of that snow is expected to melt today. Temperatures are supposed to reach the 40s according to a National Weather Service forecast. Snow may return late Wednesday night. Later in the weeks highs are expected to near 50 degrees.  

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