23 Aug 2014
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Look Who's Blogging on Ames Patch

See who's blogging now and learn how to start blogging yourself.

Look Who's Blogging on Ames Patch


Ames Patch is more than just a home for local news. We want your voice on these pages.

We're looking for anyone who lives or works in Ames to write about what they think, know, love and want everyone in the community to hear. Write about anything you want to—inside or outside of Ames. For the most part, aside of obscenity or personal attacks, anything goes.

While we don't pay Patch bloggers, you'll retain rights to any content posted on the blog. The blog is yours—we just amplify your voice and give you a wider audience.

Here is who we have so far: , an author and mother, shares a look into her life as a working mother of two young girls in pursuit of an award that doesn't exist: She's pursuing "Mom of the Year."

And there's , a Republican blogger, former Iowa State Senator and political consultant, and his wife, Tara van Brederode, a Democrat. The couple says their "Rock 'N' Roll Politics " is the blog you don't want to invite to dinner.

Other blogs are more about information than conversation. , Ames Patch's first blogger, wrote about volunteering opportunities in Story County to foster the community spirit here in Ames.

, Ames High School Little Cyclone Hockey coach, blogged about his team's progress toward the state tournament. He was also named Midwest High School Hockey League coach of the year.

, an Iowa State University student blogged most recently about Iowa State men's basketball in the NCAA tournament.

Want to join the conversation? To get started, create an account associated with your email address. It's easy:

1. Go to  http:// Ames.patch.com

2. Click on "Sign Up" at the top of the page 

3. Follow the simple instructions on confirming your account 

Now we need to make sure there's some information about YOU on Patch. So: 

1. Log into Ames Patch and click on your name 

2. Click on Edit Profile on the left 

3. Fill out the "Short Bio" section with just a few sentences about you: Where do you live? How long have you been in the area? What's your profession? What do you like to do? 

4. Click on "Profile Photos" and just upload a single headshot there 

Then email editor Jessica Miller ( jessica.miller@patch.com) to let her know you want to start blogging. 

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