Jul 30, 2014

Price Lab's Legacy, As Remembered by the Community

Price Lab has a long legacy in Cedar Falls, in Iowa and beyond. This is a place to share your memories and thoughts.

For the parents, students, teachers and community of Malcolm Price Laboratory School in Cedar Falls, it has been a hard few months.

They have fought to keep their school open. Now, there are only a few days left before the planned closure.

But the school has a long history stretching back far before the drama of budget cuts, lobbying, protests and lawsuits.

We want to hear, from you, the community, about your memories of Price Lab. What have you loved about it? Students and alumni - what teachers inspired you there? Teachers and teacher education alumni - what students will always stick in your memory?

Share your thoughts, your rememberances, your memorials, in the comments.

We pulled together a photo gallery of images related to the school. But because Patch hasn't been around much longer than the drama has, most of our photos are from protests. We know there are other images of the school to be shared. Please, add them to the photo gallery. Just click the "Upload photos and videos" button.

We'll see you at the end-of-year picnic.

Photo Gallery

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