Jul 28, 2014

Iowa City News Links

Thar be snow outside!

Iowa City News Links

As usual, I will provide a list of links from this site before venturing into the media world beyond. If you have any links you think would be good to add during the day, feel free to let me know.

From this Site

Will Iowa college students in droves like they did in 2008? Or will the Jan. 3 caucus date put a damper on turn out.

Maybe he just is good at breaking things? An Iowa City man is accused of following an argument about breaking the same man's car window.

Meet , an energetic hound dog who is out adopt this pet of the week.

In this week's Parent Talk, we're asking when parents feel they should tell the .

Emily Uhl, Iowa City Patch's weightloss blogger, writes about a particular line of products that she loves for the .

From Other Sites

Chastiy Dillard of the Daily Iowan reviews the various gay rights stances of Republican presidential candidates.

Matt Starns of the Daily Iowan reports that officer shootings in the Iowa City Police Department are a rare occurance.

Alesha Crews of the Iowa City Press-Citizen writes that the Iowa City School Board's governance committee is recommending lowering the unspent balance amount from 5 percent to 4 percent in order to prevent layoffs in next year's budget.

Tara Bannow of the Press-Citizen writes that the lease owners of the space to be used by the "Tool Box" a sex shop preparing to open downtown are looking to wiggle out of their lease.

The SSMID district will be voted on for the final time tonight at the Iowa City City Council meeting, and despite some opposition, supporters are already planning for its passage, writes Mitchell Schmidt of the Press-Citizen.

A new noodle place is coming to the Old Capitol Mall.

Zach Wahls responds to his famous speech going viral again.

Eric Moore of the Daily Iowan writes that Branden Plummer's $100,000 bail amount was not lowered by the presiding judge, it was announced yesterday.

Daily Links Excerpt (of the Day)

Online records through the Iowa City City Clerk's office indicate officers haven't discharged a weapon to de-escalate a situation involving an armed subject since at least before 2009 — the furthest back use-of-force records are available.

Officers have, however, displayed a firearm on several occasions, with seven displays in 2011, 20 in 2010, and 25 in 2009.


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