Jul 28, 2014

Iowan Bikes Cross-country for Parkinson's: Daily Iowan Reader, September 4

Also inside: Sorority recruitment spikes at UI, Hawkeyes victorious over Northern Illinois, Davenport man faces assault, imprisonment charges after Currier incidents.

Iowan bikes cross-country for Parkinson's

Rich Mills left Iowa City in the dust Monday on his cross-country bike tour for Parkinson’s awareness.

In 2009, Mills, 58, of Winterset, IA began a life-long journey when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Despite the inevitable debilitating aspect of his diagnosis, Mills began another long journey this past summer — a one-man bike tour across the country, he calls, “Shakey Tracks, My Ride Across America with Parkinson’s.” 

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do it again,” Mills said.

Mill’s goals for the trip include raising awareness for Parkinson’s Disease, raising money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Iowa Chapter of the American Parkinson’s Disease Association, and getting signatures for a stem cell petition he will present to the Congressional Caucus on Parkinson’s Disease in Washington D.C., advocating for human embryonic stem cell research. 

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UI follows national trend with more women joining sororities

872 women went through fall formal recruitment at the UI this fall, up from 741 last fall.

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Davenport man faces assault, imprisonment charges after Currier incidents

A Davenport man faces numerous charges after allegedly taking photographs and videos of a woman prior to assaulting her in Currier Hall this past spring.

According to a series of complaints from the University of Iowa police, Jordan Garr, 21, was involved in an April 18 incident at Currier Hall, in which he allegedly took a video of a female subject taking her clothes off. Garr allegedly threatened to post the video online but said he would delete the video if the woman performed oral sex on him and another subject.

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Officials: Iowans should be vigilant about West Nile virus

Officials say cases of the virus have been increasing around the country, and several confirmed cases in Iowa leave some concerned.

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Experts: Hispanics to play increased role in upcoming election

Hispanics make up 5.2 percent of Iowa's population going into November’s presidential election.

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Hawkeye defense tightens after allowing long touchdown

The Iowa defense showed a “short memory” on Sept. 1, shutting down Northern Illinois late in the game after allowing a few big plays.

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Editorial: Greeks can lead UI to better reputation

The five pillars of Greek Life promoted by the University of Iowa are community service, scholarship, leadership, opportunities and friendship.  As the university has received far greater attention for the campus social scene, we encourage the interest in sorority life be focused on the pillars to help bring the university’s reputation out of its prolonged alcohol-related infamy.

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