Aug 01, 2014
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Which Marion Hair Salon Is Best?

There are 20 hair salons and barbers shops in Marion, which is best?

Which Marion Hair Salon Is Best?

Hair is a personal thing.

There is a good chance you really only trust one person in the entire world to do it: Your current stylist.

Over the years we do warm up to new stylists, though. And some of us are so adventurous we'll trust anyone with a mirror and a pair of sheers.

Personally, I am somewhat trusting, but its more accurate to say I'll try new hair stylists and just wallow in anxiety until they finish cutting my hair.

So far I have sampled two salons in town, Studio 811 and Modern Vintage.

But, you might be wondering: If he changed salons, didn't he do it because he had a terrible experience?

No. The reason I changed is because I canceled four appointments in a row due to my, at times hectic schedule, and out of my own guilt and shame, did not reschedule a fifth.

I'm so sorry, Casie.

Aside from that, my experience with both salons lead me to highly, recommend them to anyone, bu that's as far as my experience extends.

If you own a salon you can claim our listing of your business and change whenever you want. Just click "Claim it!" under the photos posted on the page.

So, you tell me which is best. Go into our listings and vote for your favorite salon and tell us why in the comments.















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