Jul 30, 2014

Parents Talk: She Caught Us Having Sex. Now What?

In this week's installment of Parents Talk, we hear from a parent whose daughter caught her and her husband having sex. How does she explain that?

Parents Talk: She Caught Us Having Sex. Now What?

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This week's question:

My 7 year-old daughter walked in on my husband and I having sex a couple night's ago and we have no idea how to explain what she saw to her. It was pretty late at night and she was going to the bathroom but accidentally walked into our room. My husband walked her back to her room and tried to tell her that everything was okay but the next morning she still seemed upset.

We have been going round and round trying to come up with good explanations but none seem right. How do you explain to a 7 year-old what sex is? Is this a good time for us to have "the talk?"

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