Someone broke into the Eastport Yacht Club and stole five 1-liter bottles of alcohol worth $150 on Sept. 24, according to Annapolis Police.

The missing bottles initially went unnoticed until a weekly inventory on Friday showed a significant discrepancy, police said. The yacht club's general manager questioned his employees and then reviewed the club's surveillance footage.

He reportedly spotted an unknown person enter the bar area—when it was closed—and take a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red, Johnnie Walker Black, Beefeater Vodka and Conquistador Tequila from a cabinet behind the bar. 

The general manager told police the suspect entered through an unlocked door to the bar.

The Eastport Yacht Club started a substantial expansion project in January, but the general manager told police the suspect did not appear to be any of the contractors who work at the club.

Police were unable to process the scene for fingerprints because the bar has been open in the days since the burglary.

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