Jul 28, 2014

Police Warn of People Posing as Utility Workers

Annapolis Police say they've received several reports of people going door-to-door asking to see utility bills.

Police Warn of People Posing as Utility Workers

The Annapolis Police Department is warning residents of people who may be posing as utility workers in order to collect personal information. 

Police said they have received reports of workers going door-to-door claiming to be from an energy company, asking residents to show them their utility bills. 

Police said that while this can be a tactic used by legitimate companies, residents should not hand over bills to anyone going door-to-door. 

Residents can call 410-268-4141 to have an officer come and check on solicitors. In Annapolis, all door-to-door solicitors must carry a permit. 

Elsewhere in Anne Arundel County, police have warned of potential criminals posing as utility workers. In May, Anne Arundel County Police said burglary suspects in the Crofton and Gambrills area may have posed as utility workers to gain access to homes. 

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