Jul 28, 2014

PETS: Dog, Cat, Stray Ducks Need Homes

The Humane Society of Harford County recommends the pets of the week.

PETS: Dog, Cat, Stray Ducks Need Homes PETS: Dog, Cat, Stray Ducks Need Homes PETS: Dog, Cat, Stray Ducks Need Homes

From the  Humane Society of Harford County:

Dog of the Week: Penny
Age: 9 years
Color: Black and Tan
Breed: Miniature Pinscher Mix
Gender: Female
Adoption Fee: $95
Pretty Penny here is a wonderful older gal! She was originally adopted from us many years ago, only to be returned because her owners no longer had the time to take care of her. So she spent a couple weeks here before being adopted yet again, only to come back a few weeks later because she was having accidents in the house. It's important to give your new adopted family member a period of adjustment, and expect senior dogs to need to go outside more often than their younger counterparts. Penny will make a great companion for someone, so can you prove to her that the third time is the charm?

Cat of the Week: Whistler
Age: 6 years
Color: Orange and White
Breed: Domestic Shorthair Mix
Gender: Female
Adoption Fee: $47.50 (reduced from $95)
Hi everyone! I'm Whistler, and I'm a 6-year-old female. I was brought in to the shelter by a Good Samaritan who found me in her neighborhood. I must have been someone's cat because I'm so nice! I have the loudest purr, the largest eyes and the biggest heart. I like to lounge around and keep people company and I love talking to you! I'm in the Admin Building, so ask to see me.

Small Critter of the Week: Quackers 1-5
Age: Adult
Color: White
Breed: Ducks
Gender: ??
Adoption Fee: $10 each
Stray ducks? Really? Yes, it's true. Somehow we lost our way and were found wandering along Tollgate Road in Bel Air. Luckily we’re here at the shelter now and we’re staying in their nice, warm barn. Do you have a farm with a lake where we could go to live out our days?


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