Jul 28, 2014
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Police Investigating Indecent Exposure Cases in Bel Air

Bel Air police and Harford County sheriff's deputies are working together.

Police Investigating Indecent Exposure Cases in Bel Air Police Investigating Indecent Exposure Cases in Bel Air


A man exposed himself to a woman outside her Bel Air home Tuesday and local law enforcement agencies are working together to investigate this case as well as a series of similar incidents in the area.

Monica Worrell, public information officer with the sheriff's office, said Friday there have been at least a dozen reports of indecent exposure handled between the and combined within the past 90 days.

With these rising numbers comes an increased focus on the issue from local law enforcement agencies.

"The Harford County Sheriff's Office and Bel Air Police Department are working together to see if there is a correlation between several of the reported incidents of indecent exposure," Worrell said.

In the most recent incident around 7 p.m. Tuesday, a 48-year-old woman was inside her home in the 600 block of Friar Tuck Drive in Bel Air when she noticed a man looking into her house through the window, according to Worrell.

The woman went to the door and asked if she could help the man, who had his sweatshirt hood up. In response, the man made a crude suggestion, put his hands down the front of his pants then ran away, Worrell said.

The woman immediately contacted police about the incident and Harford County sheriff's deputies arrived and searched the area.

Deputies found a man in the area who matched the woman's description of him, but she was unable to positively identify him as the same man who had been lurking outside her window, according to Worrell.

“The Harford County Sheriff’s Office is doing increased patrols in the area as a result," Worrell said.

Another incident took place Tuesday about an hour earlier in the area of Deerbrook Road and East MacPhal Road. A resident told Patch that a man jumped out of the bushes and masturbated in front of two women. Police searched the area with the help of police dogs, but no arrest was made.

Tuesday's incidents of exposure follow at least three in February, including a man who exposed himself to young girls on a playground.

On Feb. 17, a man was seen urinating in public in the area of Inglewood Road and Woodhome Drive

On Feb. 22, between 3 and 4 p.m. a man was seen masturbating in the bushes in the 1600 block of Rolling Road, according to Worrell. Rolling Road is about one mile from . 

On the afternoon of Feb. 24, a man exposed himself to two 13-year-old girls on the playground on Todd Road near Mary Jane Lane in Bel Air, according to Worrell. He was looking at the girls from the bushes next to a fence while masturbating, according to Worrell.

Other incidents of indecent exposure took place within the past 90 days in the area of Windy Laurel and Box Hill South Parkway in Abingdon, in the area of Linwood Avenue and Linwood Garth in Bel Air, Dora Place in Bel Air, Little Field Place in Bel Air, Boulton Street in Bel Air, Idlewild Road in Bel Air and Redfield Road in Bel Air.

An incident of indecent exposure was reported in the 100 block of Dublin Court in Bel Air this week, but police do not believe it is related to any other recently reported instance. Police have a juvenile suspect in the Dublin Court incident.

of Darlington with two counts of indecent exposure in connection with several reported incidents of indecent exposure in the Homestead Village area in late January.

Police said they do not believe Carden is responsible for any incident after Jan. 31. Carden was being held at the Friday.

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