From a Chevy Chase crime alert:

Chevy Chase police credit an alert neighbor with thwarting a would-be thief as he lurked in a back yard.

The incident happened about 9:15 a.m. July 5 when a black man in his 20s entered a fenced back yard in the 5400 block of Grove Street. Unbeknownst to the intruder, the next-door neighbor watched as the suspicious man removed his shirt and nervously moved around the back near the rear of the home.

Security cameras at the home where the suspect lurked captured much of his activity.
The alert neighbor decided to call the police and he got up to find the phone.  The neighbor’s movement was apparently noticed by the intruder, as the suspect put his shirt back on, peered toward the neighbor’s home, and at first walked, then ran away from the house toward Western Avenue.
An officer with the Village Police Department was on the scene within 90 seconds, but the suspect was already gone.
Images of the suspect were taken from the homeowner’s security camera footage. They show the man appears to be approximately 6 feet tall, 165-185 pounds, and he is wearing white sneakers, blue jeans, a white T-shirt bearing lettering and a logo in dark blue or black, and he had close-cropped hair.
Police say the alert neighbor undoubtedly interrupted a crime.

Residents are urged to keep their doors and windows locked, to keep their outside lights on all night long, and above all, to call the police immediately whenever something seems suspicious.

View three short videos of the suspect by clicking on these links:

Contact the Village Police Department if you can identify the individual: (301) 654-7300.

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