Jul 28, 2014

County's Winter Cleanup Costs Three Times Budget

Winter storm cleanup costs have tallied about $25 million so far in Montgomery County.

County's Winter Cleanup Costs Three Times Budget

The seemingly unending winter landed one last wallop in Montgomery County: Cleanup cost to date have totaled nearly three times what was budgeted.

County officials set aside $9.1 million for weather emergencies in the current fiscal year. But applying salt, snow removal and overtime for county workers have brought the cost to about $25 million, The Washington Post reports. The cost come from multiple departments, including police, fire, the Transportation Department and the Department of General Services.

Spokesman Patrick Lacefield said County Executive Isiah Leggett will likely ask the County Council for a supplemental appropriation to cover the added expense.

Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport has recorded 30.7 inches this winter, while a weather observer for the newspaper in Damascus has measured 56.8 inches, the newspaper says.

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